Could it be true? US rapper, Nicki Minaj just might be married. The “Anaconda” rapper on her Beats1 show, Queen Radio on Apple Music, referred to her partner, Kenneth Petty, as her “husband”. This sparked wild speculation as to the marital status of the rap queen.

Nicki, who made their relationship known to the public back in December was speaking on some pretty intimate moments when she made the revelation, she said,

“Every night when I get out of the shower, my husband takes this really good lotion that we just bought, and he massages my feet, and rubs them, and he rubs each toe individually, and the heel, and the ball of my foot, and he does it all,”

Phew! Heavy stuff eh

Well, if Nicki is married to Kenneth Petty, we wish them marital bliss and long-lasting love.

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