It is a known story in and outside Bayelsa how E-mark has helped and worked with Chiff Tims on so many occasions not only as his PR but in order aspects as well… He has organized shows and events to honour the name of Chiff Timz and it is worthy to say the PR E-mark has contributed in the growth if Chiff Timz which has brought him to the standard he is now…. In the later hours of today being the 4th of July 2019

PR  E-mark was commended for his wonderful work by Chiff Timz it was also stated that PR E-mark in the past has acted not only as his PR but also as his manager so it was made official today….

Chat between PR E-mark and Chiff Timz

The blogger further more took his joy to his Facebook page where he explained how they first met and the honour it has been working for him.

E-mark expresses happiness