Solomount entertainment presents Atiku Abubaka and Sen.Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa 2019 campaign songs under the platform of Atikowability prosperity network with the labels all stars including derek de super wonder kid , softboi popureal and 2smile.


1) Atiku and Okowa is a goal – 2smile, derek de super wonderkid, softboi popureal

2) For the Nation – derek de super wonderkid

3) Pdp Assurance – 2smile, derek de super wonderkid, Accord

4) Ekueme governor – 2smile

5) Atiku and Okowa no go promise and fail – derek de super wonderkid

6) pdp for good governance – protty j , Sally

7) Vote Atiku Vote Okowa – protty , sally

All songs are properties of the Atikowability Prosperity Network campaign group for Atiku, Okowa and Pdp and officially powered by solomount entertainment.

Pdp ,power to the people………….